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Here's an overview of airport amenities such as DFW Airport WiFi, famiy, pet care, ADA information and more.

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air tram

Terminal Tram

Trains arrive at the stations every 2 minutes. The average ride time is 5 minutes. The maximum ride time from the farthest points is 9 minutes.

The Skylink runs between all terminals. The Skylink stops are located:

  • Terminal A stops: Between Gates A13 and A16; between Gates A29 and A34
  • Terminal B: Between Gates B9 and B12; between Gates B28 and B31
  • Terminal C: Between Gates C8 and C12; between Gates C27 and C32
  • Terminal D: Between Gates D11 and D20; between Gates D24 and D34
  • Terminal E: Between Gates E8 and E11; between E31 and E32
  • pet care

    Pet Care

    Dallas Fort Worth Airport provides pet relief areas for pets and service animals. Pets must be leashed.

    Pet relief areas are located in:

  • Terminal A: Outside security
  • Terminal B: Outside security
  • Terminal C: Outside security
  • Terminal D: Outside security near Gates D15 and D29
  • Terminal E: Outside security
  • nurseries


    There is no nursery information available for this airport.
    health wellness

    Health Wellness

    kid play areas

    Kid Play Areas

    There are several kid play areas throughout the airport.

    Kid play areas are located:

  • Aquafina Junior Flyers Club: A13, B12, C14
  • McDonald's Play Area: D33
  • Children's Play Area: D10
  • Family/ada bathrooms

    Family/ADA Bathrooms


    There are unisex companion/family bathrooms for passengers with special needs throughout all terminals. They are located near men’s and women’s bathrooms.They are located:

  • Terminal A, Inside security: Gates A10, A18, A23 and A37
  • Terminal A, Outside security: Gates A17 and A28
  • Terminal B, Inside security: Gates B5, B10, B18 and B33
  • Terminal B, Outside security: Gates B7, B19 and B37
  • Terminal C, Inside security: Gates C2, C19, C27 and C35
  • Terminal C, Outside security: Gates C4, C7, C19, C27 and C35
  • Terminal D, Inside security: Gates D6, D10, D20, D22, D24, D27, D29, D36 and D40
  • Terminal D, Outside security: Gates D6, D10, D17, D20, D22, D24, D27, D29, D36 and D40
  • Terminal E, Inside security: Gates E7, E13 and E32
  • Terminal E, Outside security: Gates E7, E13 and E38
  • Location
    There is no ADA bathroom information available for this airport.
    kid-friendly restaurants

    Child Friendly Restaurants

    There's a variety of child friendly restaurants in this airport. For a complete listing, click on the link below.
    see Child Friendly Restaurants
    ADA information

    ADA Information

    The Dallas Fort Worth Airport provides disabled permit parking in parking lots and parking garages. A disabled parking tag or license plate allows you to use one-hour parking lots as long-term parking.
    activities around airport

    Activities in the Airport





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