Delta Airlines Fees

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Total calculated fees:$50

Carry-on 1 Carry-on bag = FREE
Checked bags (1 bag) 1st bag $25 = $50

Baggage Fees

Checked Bag

  1. Exception: All Delta passengers flying to and from Key West are limited to 1 checked bag.


Sports Equipment

Unfortunately, this information is unavailable.


Booking Tickets

Change Ticket

  1. $150 - $250 based on fare rules.
  2. $150 - $250 based on fare rules

Seat Selection

  1. Fee varies based on distance traveling and type of fare purchased. All economy fares must pay a fee for premium seating.

Priority Boarding

Print Boarding Pass at Airport

In-Flight Extras

In-Flight Wi-Fi

  1. Fees range depending on length of flight. Shorter flights start at $4.99. 24-hour passes are $14.

Food and Beverage

  1. Snacks and meals
  2. Beverages are complimentary on flights over 250 miles.

Unaccompanied Minor

  1. Children 5-14 years old. Only one fee for multiple children in a single group.
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